A list of the badass events we host

Why does XUP run events?

Sometimes, we find an opportunity to host events that no one else offers. Events are also a great way for us to show off the cool local businesses we partner with. We only host events that fit within our core event values of being unique, dynamic, and enriching. We try to host at least one event per month. Click the link below to see our upcoming events on Facebook.

Shart: Shitty Art

Shitty art (Shart for short) is a recurring drinking and painting event. We hold this event at bars, coffeeshops, and any venues that spark inspiration and good artsy vibes. Our Shartist, Terra, is an incredible teacher and always comes up with beautiful projects for attendees.

Cook Together

At this event, attendees partake in a cooking class at a local restaurant. Attendees learn how to make the restaurant's specialty from the chefs themselves.

XUP Outings

We love testing new Xperiences with all kinds of people. XUP Outings are a chance for anyone to join as we take to the streets to do an Xperience as a group.

Drink Easy

At this event, attendees learn how to make cocktails from bar managers at local speakeasies.

Food for Thot

Sometimes one restaurant isn't enough. In this event, we have a progressive dinner at several restaurants. This is one of the most efficient ways to cross restaurants off your list.