The philosophical fabric that guides XUP in all that it does

Who are we?

XUP is an expression of its creators. We're simple, hard working, deeply caring people. And we want you to have a good fucking life.

Two Focal Points

XUP is a social platform for the purpose of connecting people. We believe that if we mix technology, incredible design, and a deep integration into our communities, we can help people build real, in-person relationships (be them romantic, platonic, or professional).

In order to do this, we focus on 2 main things:

  1. Authentic Communication

  2. Deep Connection

Authentic, down-to-earth communication encompasses everything we say. It guides how we are perceived. Whether it's our social media, platform content, or this website, we strive to always speak honestly, genuinely, and with full transparency. We have no interest in putting up fronts. XUP only succeeds if you trust what we tell you.

We are Bold

Sometimes shit needs to be called out. Sometimes things need to be inclusive, not PC. We push the boundaries to forge a path toward a more genuine relationship with our users. We're untethered. And we're offering you freedom from yourself.

If you don't like it, then fuck off.

We are Authentic

When we promote something, it's because we actually, personally like it. Sure we want to make money. But we also want to build a lasting company, and a trustworthy brand. If we make our house out of cards it's bound to fall.

We'll never communicate something we don't believe in.

We are Real

We actually do all the things we promote. We actually meet with each business personally. We plan each event on our own. We're very fucking busy doing that for you.

And with all that real person shit we do, we are also hugely prone to making mistakes, saying shit we don't mean, and offending people. We're human, we can become better. Call us out if we offend you and we'll start a dialogue.

Forming deep, collabortive connections encompasses all of our offerings. Everything we do has the guiding purpose of connecting us more broadly, inclusively, and positively with our community.

XUP Events

We do not pay to rent space at venues. We are offering a service to businesses: providing them with a burst of inspiration, exposure to a new community, and (hopefully) a bunch of new customers. We only throw events with businesses that wish to collaborate with us. Our events are focused on being an extension of the business at which it is held with as much of the secret XUP sauce we can throw at it.

XUP's Secret Event Xauce (SEX):

  1. The event must highlight the business in a unique, yet honest way.

  2. The event must be dynamic and have a true purpose.

  3. Event goers must leave with something (either something physical, mental, or spiritual).

  4. The event must be repeatable.


Our Xperiences are the basis of our company. We believe that it's easier and more fulfilling to connect with someone through an experience rather than through a profile picture and some online chatter. Through our understanding of the community, we group the best places into the most awesome itineraries.

XUP's Xperience Guidelines:

  1. An Xperience must be dynamic and community oriented.

  2. An Xperience should be between 1 and 3 hours.

  3. An Xperience must align to one of our 6 categories: chill, active, adventure, foodie, culture, and party.

  4. If an Xperience includes more than 1 place, the subsequent places must be walkable or easily accessible.

  5. An Xperience cannot be "dinner and movie," "drinks at a bar," or "a cup of coffee." Boring shit like that should be reserved for Tinder and Bumble users.


There are so many amazing companies doing incredible things in Austin. And we love to support and have a presence at events that we think are super cool. As long as the event offers, or has room for, some of our Secret Event Xauce, we're happy to collaborate with another business to help them throw their event.

XUP Questions of Collaboration (QOC):

  1. Is the event dynamic and awesome?

  2. Can XUP add some sort of extra bit that enhances the event experience and shows off that XUP value?

  3. Do the values of the organizers match the values of XUP?

  4. Will this lead to further collaborations in the future?